PcHelpware License

PCHelpware Licence

- The Server user interface is GPL or BSD, pick the license you like the most
- The Server 1SCDLL.dll is freeware, the user interface can be freely linked to it

> Questions/Answers

Can we add remote support to our commercial application ?
Yes you can, PcHelpware is not GPL so bundling and distribution with commercial applications is allowed

Can we make our own remote support program that use 1SCDLL.dll and sell it?
Yes, you can. Naturally, the added value will have to be something, else people won't never buy it

Can we use the driver and 1SCDLL.dll for something else than remote support ?
Permission can be granted, but by default the answer is NO

Where can we donwload the source code ?
The source code for the user interfaces is available on the download page. The code for 1SCDLL.dll and the drivers is not available and will never be

For additional information on terms of use, please contact Rudi De Vos on the Forums

This software is subject to the U.S. Export Administration Regulations and other U.S. law, and may not be exported or re-exported to certain countries (currently Afghanistan (Taliban controlled areas), Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria) or to persons or entities prohibited from receiving U.S. exports (including Denied Parties, entities on the Bureau of Export Administration Entity List, and Specially Designated Nationals).
Export code CCATS# G025801ECCN 5D002


This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;
without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

The authors shall not in any way be liable for any damage or legal consequences as a result of using this software.
We make absolutly no warranties about the reliability of this software. Use it at your own risks.