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UltraVNC Single Click (SC) helpdesk.txt Syntax

The [PARAMETER TAG] take 0,1 or 2 lines as input

The [HOST]
Line 1: Visible part in selector
Line 2: startup command line
-connect ip:port Viewer ip and port
-noregistry :needed for SC
-plugin : Use encryption, need to be before -connect
-id id : The id used for repeater connection, -connect is in that case the repeater ip port




Internet support
-connect -noregistry

Internet support encryption
-plugin -connect -noregistry

Dubble Click to make a connection

Before making a connection

Please Call 56 576896 to get your ticket

(empty to clean line)

Kasteelpleinstraat 56

UltraVNC PC support


More Info




Trying to connect

line 1

line 2

line 3

Connected to

line test1

line test2

line test3

Balloon1 = While trying to connect
Balloon2 = During connection

If you add [DIRECT] and only have 1 [HOST] defined, the menu is not shown
and the connection is direct started. (can be useful for scripting)
[DIRECT] doesn't have a parameter line





Enter Your ID


[DEBUG] opens a console window with debug info
[ENTERCODE] This is used when you specify 1 [HOST] and use -id xxxxxx
In this case the standard menu is skipped and xxxxx is ignored, a input window
is opened to let the user enter an id.

Enter Your ID: Text that is shown on the enter.bmp [TEXTBUTTON] if not exist, button is removed

Custom enter.bmp
+keep same size
+transparent color RGB(247,255,255)

Technical Support SSLPROXY
-id 12345 -sslproxy -connect -noregistry
# ip
#SSL -> :443 needed