Download Viewer+sfx builder

Server service
, only needed if you want to install the server as service.
access_server.exe: Same bin that's running on our 2 access servers, replave default server ip by the ip of your own server to test
PCHelpWareV2.msi: Viewer with buildin server ( server is extracted when you create an sc)
PCHelpWareV2Server.msi: Server only, install as service

A sfx(mini server) can be used to give easy access to a desktop but doesn't allow
you to remote logon/logoff access UAC controled. The mini sfx always require aproval
before you can takeover the desktop. Typical usage: remote support
The server running as service allow full access, typical usage: remote access.


Server Settings PCHelpWareV2.exe
PCHelpWareV2 Server.exe

Basic setup

Viewer setup

Group: This is a Custom name that's used to indentify server and viewers. You can only connect to servers that belong to the same group as the viewer. You can add multiple viewer groups to monitor servers that belong to different groups.
Password: This password is only used to save the viewer settings ( including server passwords)

Create SFX


Create SC open the customization properties.


You can modify icons,bitmaps,text...
Use the same group as a group set by the viewer.
You can set a predefined "accesscode" and "access password", the viewer save
the password so you don't have to enter it again on connection.

Create SC button, create a sfx ( saved on the desktop in the pchw subfolder)
If you run the sfx exe, and allow it in the firewall is should be visable like


If password was not set via SC tool and let the user set it you need to
manual add it first before you can initiate a p2p connection.
Icons flash during p2p setup
2 green screens indicate p2p encrypted tunnel is active
A Trayicon balloon indicate connection has been made.









































Now you can use the modules
Chat/Send Message or Open Desktop
Open Desktop always require user permission.. ( accept dialog box)

FileTransfer: Is part of the Chat module ( drag and rop files on the window to copy remote)