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UltraVNC server features a JavaViewer Applet that allows for remote control without a any viewer application installed !

All you have to do is open a Web Browser (with Java ™ installed) and connect to http://remote computer:5800/

(remote computer is either the (DNS) name or the IP address of the remote computer to be controlled)


  • Supports File transfer (same kind of GUI than in win32 Viewer, but simpler). It makes possible files transfers from virtually any OS supporting Java (Linux, Mac OS...) to UltraVNC servers running under Windows ™.
    Since this requires the JavaViewer to access the viewing machine's hard drive, you are prompted for an "UltraVNC" signed applet certificate acceptance. As this applet is injected in your Web browser by the UltraVNC server you are accessing to, if you trust the server, you can trust the applet.
  • Supports MS Logonauthentication method.
  • Supports various color modes (from 8 colors to full colors) and compression methods, for optimal performances over slow (internet/modem) connections