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UltraVNC SC Online Creator

For more info also see documentation https://uvnc.com/docs/uvnc-sc.html

UltraVNC SC Online Creator

COMMON MISTAKE, the zip file you upload need to contain the files, NOT a SUBFOLDER with the files.
If the resource editor fail to replace the icons no exe is created, on error the download moves you to the homepage. Verify that you are using real icons, or try without first.

Ideal tool for "remote tech support" - "remote computer support"

UserID = foo
Password = foobar


UltraVNC SC based on RC23 (2005)


UltraVNC SC based on REL1.00 (2006)

This creator can also be used to generate SCIII. 
To use it for SCIII creation,you need to add the winvnc.exe (SCIII) in your zip file you upload.
Name need to be winvnc.exe


UltraVNC SC update 2009

+Vista+WIN7 support.
+use the MSRC4Plugin.dsm" security plugin
+The zip you upload can contain following files, other are ignored
UAC: sc is running as user, this does NOT allow UAC access.
-UAC windows are view only. (you now stay connected in view only mode)
-When the UAC window ( not the popup, the one that has the elevated permission) is closed or minized, you get back full access.
Update 27/08/2009, the user is only asked once to give UAC permission ( add [DIS_AUC] )

UltraVNC SC update May 2013

+(2013) Modified engine to faster capture Vista>= OS's +(2011) +new capture engine, Vista win7 (faster on new video cards)
Using this option, aero and wallpaper is not removed, new capture engine is fast enough to capture aero.

UltraVNC SC update June 2013

[DIS_UAC] crash fixed

UltraVNC SC update July 2014

+(2014) capture engine fix, on some systems SC was extreem slow)

UltraVNC SC update Feb 2015

+(2015) cature ingine took to long initiate, SC sometimes needed more then 1 minute to startup.


Same as pevious, but exe request UAC on start


June 2015 win8 win10


May 2018 win10


win10 Same as pevious, but exe request UAC on start
-Added support for the SecureVNCPlugin
*Add SC_Server_ClientAuth.pubkey to zip
Internet support new encryption
-secureplugin -connect localhost:5500 -noregistry
Make sure the viewer use also SecureVNCPlugin.dsm and call the viewer key SC_Viewer_ClientAuth.pkey
if only one pkey exist you don't have to rename it.