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PcHelpWare API

For developers who want to incorporate Remote Control into their product, PcHelpWare can be utilised as another DLL, allowing for full integration into your application.

Custom development

Here is the minimum code needed to make an PCHelpWare Server executable.

This sample start a loopback connection on port 5500

Please see the forum for more details

typedef void (__declspec(dllimport) *STARTSERVER)(char *, char *,char *,int,char *); //void Start_server(char *ID, char *repeater,char *direct,int port,char *passwd,bool proxy); //BETA7 typedef void (__declspec(dllimport) *STARTSERVER)(char *, char *,char *,int,char *,bool);
int main(int argc, char* argv[]) { HMODULE hDLL = LoadLibrary ("1SCDLL.dll"); STARTSERVER pStart_server; if (hDLL != NULL) { pStart_server = (STARTSERVER) GetProcAddress(hDLL,"Start_server"); if (!pStart_server) { // handle the error FreeLibrary(hDLL); return 0; } else { // call the function pStart_server("","","localhost",5500,""); // Beta 7 pStart_server("","","localhost",5500,"",0); } } return 0; }